Curriculum Outcomes involved:


  • Dynamics
    • Introduction to Dynamics
      • Use vectors to represent forces
    • Newton's Laws
      • Explain inertia and relationships among force, mass, and acceleration 
  • Momentum & Energy
    • Conservation of Momentum
      • Apply quantiatively the law of conservation of momentum to one-dimensional collections and explosions
    • Work, Power, and Efficiency
      • Analyze quantitatively the relationships among force, distance, and work
      • Analyze quantitatively the relationships among work, time, and power
      • Design and carry out an experiment to determine the efficiency of various machines
    • Transformation, Total Energy, and Conservation
      • Analyze quantitatively the relationships among mass, speed, and thermal energy, using the law of conservation of energy
      • Describe quantitatively mechanical energy as the sum of kinetic and potential energies
      • Analyze common energy transformation situatins using the closed system work-energy theorem
      • Determine which laws of conservation, momentum and energy, are best used to analyze and solve particular real-life problems in elastic and in-elastic interactions 
  • Waves
    • Fundamental Properties
      • Describe the production, characteristics, and behaviours of longitudinal and transverse mechanical waves
      • Formulate operational definitions of major variables
    • Sound Waves and E-M Radiation
      • Apply the laws of reflection and the laws of refraction to predict wave behaviour
      • Explain qualitatively the phenomena of wave interference, diffraction, reflection, refraction, and the Doppler-Fizeau effect
      • Compare and describe the properties of electromagnetic radiation and sound



Demonstrations that may apply to your lesson plans:






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