Curriculum Outcomes involved:


  •  Chemical Reactions
    • Rates of Chemical Reactions
      • Design, carry out, and control variables to illustrate how factors such as heat, concentration, and surface area can affect chemical reactions 
  • Weather Dynamics
    • Energy and the Water Cycle
      • Using scientific theory, illustrate and explain heat energy transfers that occur in the water cycle
    • Movement of Heat Energy and Matter in Global Systems
      • Using scientific theory, illustrate and explain heat transfer and its consequences in both the atmosphere and hydrosphere, relating this science to natural phenomena  
  • Motion
    • Investigate the Relationship between Velocity, Time, and Acceleration
      • Design an experiment to investigate factors that affect acceleration
      • Identify potential sources of error in collecting data on linear acceleration



Demonstrations that may apply to your lesson plans:





 If you are a teacher and would be interested in helping us develop appropriate demonstrations for Grade Ten, please feel free to  us!