This 3D hologram of a toy car is illuminated by a red laser,

and you can see it spin as the turntable runs. 


Teachable Topics:

  • Optics
  • Holograms


Holograms are the recorded interference patterns between a monochromatic light source (like a laser) and that light as reflected off of a solid object.

These patterns are usually recorded on film.  If the developed film is then illuminated by the same light as was used to make the original exposure, an image of the original object "appears" in the film.

This particular hologram was recorded on a circular band of film which allows a full 360 degree view of a toy car.


  • Turntable
  • Holographic ring
  • Laser


1.Set up the ring on the turntable.

2. Set the laser above the ring.

3. Turn the laser and the turntable on and the lights off and observe!

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