As the magnaprobe is brought close to a magnet,

it will align with the magnetic field. 

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Teachable Topics:

  • Magnetic Field Lines


Magnets are fascinating things. They produce forces that are invisible to the human eye and act at a distance. Depending on their orientation, they attract and sometimes they repel each other, but they are always fun to play with. These attractive and repulsive forces are due to magnetic fields. Magnetic fields are what cause the forces on other magnetic objects. Magnetic field lines are usually shown going from the north pole of the magnet to the south pole.

The magnaprobe consists of a small bar magnet that is mounted in such a way as to allow it to rotate freely in all directions and is used to map out the field lines in three dimensions. The tiny bar magnet is attracted to the poles of the larger magnet, and it aligns along the field lines as it is brought near a larger magnetic source.


  • Magnaprobe
  • Magnets


  1. Place your magnet on a table or hold it.
  2. Hold the magnaprobe close to the magnet without touching, and rotate it around. Try and find where the poles are on magnet, and watch how the probe flips over as it is moved from pole to pole.

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