Current flowing through a strong magnetic field is used to turn a magnetized screw. 


Teachable Topics:

  • Magnetic Field Lines
  • motors
  • electricity


To be added later... 


  • Battery, preferably C or D Cell

  • bit of wire

  • Strong circular or spherical permanent magnet that is not covered by any insulating materials.

  • steel wood screw 


  1. Using electrical tape, affix one end of the wire to one of the poles of the battery

  2. Suspend the battery so that it positioned vertically

  3. "Stick" the head of the screw to the magnet and then attach the pointed end of the now-magnetized screw to the other pole of the battery.

    The screw and magnet should be held to the battery by magnetic forces.

  4. Complete the circuit by touching the free end of the wire to the outer perimeter of the magnet.  The screw should now start rapidly rotating.

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