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We review every song, picture, etc included on the Voyager Golden Record. 

Hosted by Mike Dunlavy, Roby Austin, & Hannah Ehler and produced at Saint Mary's University in beautiful Halifax, NS!

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Episode 0 - First's MixTap‪e

We begin our trip through the Voyager Golden Record! 

Episode 1 - Mirth's MixTap‪e‬

We start digging into the music and pictures in close detail!

Episode 2 - Girth's MixTap‪e‬

Music from Senegal and the Mbuti people. Pictures attempting to describe our Solar System to aliens!

Episode 3 - Immersed MixTap‪e‬

Music from Australia and Mexico. Pictures attempting to describe how earth DNA works! Controversies! Theories about Sagan's hair!

Episode 4 - Smurf's MixTap‪e‬

Music from the US and Papua New Guinea! Pictures showing the insides of people! A song everyone already knows! Song sequels! Pokemon!

Episode 5 - Birth's MixTap‪e‬

Music from Japan and Germany! Pictures showing human reproduction! A 1970s take on human sexuality! A woman's place in the birthing process! Oh my good lord!

Episode 6 - Hearth's MixTap‪e‬

Music from Austria and Georgia! Pictures showing families! A vocal performance that maybe misrepresents what humans actually sound like? Sword-pistols! Time travelling hosts!

Episode 7 - Surf's MixTap‪e‬

Music from Peru and the USA! Pictures showing geology and geography! A creature that's half-horse, half-centaur! Dog Watch! Giant Celestial Hands!

Episode 8 - Turf's MixTap‪e‬

Music from Azerbaijan and Europe! Pictures showing the plants of earth! Blatant errors by NASA! Rakes! Death Dances! Questioning the entire UFO segment!

Episode 9 - AstroTurf's MixTap‪e‬

Classical music from Western Europe! Pictures showing the animals of earth! Peeing dolphins! 70s condescension! Snarky old dudes! Finishing the Bach Trifecta!

Episode 10 - Serf's MixTap‪e‬

Music from Bulgaria and the Navajo Nation! Pictures showing people from around the world! Jane Goodall! Bulgarian Robin Hood! Navajo Healing ceremonies!

Episode 11 - Wurst's MixTap‪e‬

Music from Elizabethan England and the Soloman Islands! Pictures showing how and what we eat! Time-travelling UFOS! Ice Cream Cones! The Life and Death of Seafood! Plague Times 'n Fish Business! 

Episode 12 - Berth's MixTap‪e‬

Music from Peru and China! Pictures showing what we build and where we live! Marriages! 70s vibes! Frog and Pig Puppets! Opera houses! 

Episode 13 - Nerf's MixTap‪e‬

Music from India and the US! Pictures showing modern technology from the 1970s! Pirates! Swingsters! Arctic explorers almost dying (hilariously)! WE ARE ALMOST DONE! 

Episode 14 - Final MixTap‪e‬

Final Episode! Beethoven! Some photos! Weddings! Playlists! Sad goodbyes!


Special #1 - The Mixtape Interviews - Dr. David Simpso‪n‬

We talk to Dr. David Simpson, the geophysicist who recorded the earthquake sounds that were included on the Voyager Golden Record "Sounds of Earth" montage.

Special #2 -Greetings from Earth Specia‪l‬

We talk about the greetings to the OSPs from the people of earth, recorded in 55 different languages! And then we play a silly game of Google Translate whenein we highlight the depths of our own linguistic ignorance!

Special #3 - Sounds of Earth Specia‪l‬

We talk about the Sounds of Earth montage, a 12-minute collection of terrestial noises that the Voyager Golden Record folks out together in order for the OSPs to get an idea of what the Earth sounds like (I guess?).

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