Curriculum Outcomes involved:


  • Physical Science: Electricity
    • Investigating Static Electricity
      • Record observations while exploring and solving static electricity challenges
      • Suggest possible explanations for variations in the results of investigations involving static electricity
      • Use the terms attraction, repulsion, electrons, positive charge, and negative charge in meaningful contexts while exploring static electricity
    • Sources of Electricity
    • Describe how knowledge that magnets can pricude electric current led to the invention of electrical generators
    • Identify and investigate various methods of generating electricity and describe some ways in which these methods affect the environment


  • Physical Science: Flight
    • Drag
      • Rephrase questions about drag in a testable form then carry out procedures, make and record observations to test the performance of a flying device
      • Describe and demonstrate methods for altering drag in flying devices
    • Lift and Bernoulli's Principle
    • Identify situations which involve Bernoulli's Principle
    • Describe how aerodynamic research using wind tunnels and/or computers can contribute to new airplane designs
    • Thrust and Propulsion
    • Describe and demonstrate the means of propulsion for flying devices
    • Describe and justify the differences in design between aircraft and spacecraft


  • Earth and Space Science: Space
    • Relative Positions an Motions of the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun
      • Observe and explain how the relative position of the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun are responsible for the Moon's phases, eclipses, and tides
    • Stars and Constellations
    • Identify constellations from diagrams, pictures, and/or representations of the night sky




Demonstrations that may apply to your lesson plans:





  • Earth and Space Science: Space
    • Relative Positions an Motions of the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun
      • Lunar Eclipse
    • Stars and Constellations



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